About The Florida Climate Pledge

The Florida Climate Pledge is a statewide campaign launched in 2018 by The CLEO Institute to help Floridians connect the dots between the climate crisis and our health, economy, national security, immigration, and biodiversity.  Florida is the most vulnerable state to climate change impacts. From extreme heat to extreme weather events, our state has the most to lose when it comes to the climate crisis. We aim to educate Floridians on why we are in a climate emergency and the solutions they can support to protect our state, our communities, and our wildlife.

2018 Billboard showcased across Florida

About The CLEO Institute

Founded in 2010, The CLEO Institute (CLEO) is the only nonprofit, nonpartisan organization in Florida that is exclusively dedicated to climate education, advocacy, and engagement. The current climate impacts we are already experiencing with monster-like hurricanes and rising seas, as well as the shrinking timeframe predicted by recent scientific reports to mitigate worst-case scenarios, underscores the importance of CLEO’s work. Building community resilience and adaptive capacity requires an informed, engaged, and prepared public.

We bring together scores of governmental, business, academic, and community leaders to advocate for long-term and inclusive solutions.  We are confident that our top-down and bottom-up approach will help us reach our mission of a climate-educated and empowered community that understands the climate crisis is here now and advocates for solutions for a just-sustainable future.