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Polluters Should Pay

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 I acknowledge that, because of human activity and our climate pollution, the earth’s climate is changing. Climate Change is a threat multiplier to our economy, our health, our security, and our overall well-being. I stand united with a coalition of concerned Floridians to protect our planet by supporting the implementation of equitable mitigation and adaptation strategies throughout our great state.

I pledge to protect Florida's air, water, and biodiversity by supporting:

  • Initiatives that will move us away from fossil fuel pollution and help us achieve a just transition to 100% clean, renewable energy before 2050.
  • Climate resilience efforts including planning and zoning, sustainable transportation, housing, emergency preparedness, and sea-level rise adaptation development.
  • The involvement of all communities in decision-making, especially our most underserved, as we build a resilient Florida for current and future generations.

Today, we look to the future and embrace these challenges as an opportunity to preserve the quality of life for all of us living and vacationing in our great sunshine state.

Let’s Protect Florida. The future of Florida is in our hands!

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  • Why polluters should pay
  • Why we need to stop offshore drilling 
  • Why Florida should be known as the solar state 

We will share it on social media and with Florida's elected officials! The more they hear from you the more this will become a priority for them!

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We have amazing billboards that we would like to run throughout the state all the way through 2020.  Help us fund our billboard campaign.  The more people see these billboards the more they will realize how climate change is impacting their daily lives.  

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