I acknowledge that, because of human activity and carbon pollution, the Earth’s climate is changing.

I believe that the climate crisis is a threat multiplier to our economy, health, security, and overall well-being.

I stand UNITED with concerned Floridians to protect our air, our water, our climate, and our communities by supporting climate mitigation and adaptation strategies throughout our great state.

To achieve these strategies,
I pledge to support:

100% clean, renewable energy initiatives.

Climate resilience efforts including updated planning and zoning, increased sustainable transportation, improved access to housing, emergency preparedness, and sea-level rise adaptation.

Community involvement in decision making to ensure a just transition to a clean and sustainable future.


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Solutions We Stand For

Florida Climate Pledge is a state-wide campaign made to hold companies accountable for polluting our planet, and to create a future where our people and environment are sustainable and resilient against the climate crisis.

Make Polluters Pay

Private companies contributing to pollution should pay a fine that goes toward funding resilience efforts at the local level.

Ban Offshore Oil Drilling
(State & Federal)

While elected officials voted to protect state waters from offshore oil drilling, they are trying to rollback that decision. Let?s transition to clean energy independence.

Transition to 100%
Renewable Energy by 2050

Florida should be known as the Solar State! Renewable energies do not contribute to additional heat trapping gasses and create more jobs that are safer.


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You Can Make An Impact

Together we can advocate for policy action in our communities. Education is the first step to become part of the Florida Climate Pledge grow our message to thousands of Floridians with climate trainings and resilience efforts.

Thank you for your support!