Buy locally if possible. Shipping burns fuel. A 5-pound package shipped by air across the country creates 12 pounds of carbon dioxide (3 ½ pounds if shipped by truck). 

Eat less meat. If you’re already a vegetarian, you save at least 3,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year compared to meat eaters. If you’re not a vegetarian, just increase the number of vegetarian meals you eat each week by one or two. Also, poultry is less greenhouse gas intensive than beef. 

Don’t waste food. About one-quarter of all the food prepared annually in the U.S., for example, gets tossed, producing methane in landfills as well as carbon emissions from transporting wasted food. 

Use your reusable bags- keep them in your car, avoid using single-use plastic bags that you can’t recycle and end up in landfills and our oceans.  


Solar – Solar is more affordable than ever.  Join a solar co-op in your area and get the best price for your home - Solar United Neighbors!

Stop your junk mail

Programmable thermostat – Costs about $50 or less and will save you that much or more in the first year.

Lighting – Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) have that cool curly shape and save more than 2/3rds of the energy of a regular incandescent. 

Insulation – Weather-stripping, caulking and insulation work together to save you energy, improve the comfort of your home, make it quieter and help you save money.

Water-Conserving- Shower heads & Toilets: You can reduce water and heating costs, even in your bathroom. To save even more water, turn the faucet off when brushing or shaving. 

Appliances – Always pay attention to the total lifetime cost, including energy—not just the price tag. Look for the ENERGY STAR label. 

Electronics –Turn things off. If you’re going away or not using an item for awhile, unplug it to prevent “vampire” energy loss from electricity usage on standby. 


Tires – Keep your tires properly inflated (just this can save 400-700 pounds of carbon dioxide per year). 

Hybrids & Electrical Cars- Today many car manufactures offer hybrid and electric car options.