Mitigation - Renewable Energy - Florida

Mitigation refers to efforts to reduce or prevent emission of greenhouse gases. Mitigation can mean using new technologies and renewable energy, making older equipment more energy efficient, or changing management practices or consumer behavior. It can be as complex as a plan for a new city, or as a simple as improvements to a cook stove design. Efforts underway around the world range from high-tech subway systems to bicycling paths and walkways. 

If the entire US were to get its power from renewable energy

39% reduction in demand for power


Using renewable electricity and improving energy efficiency reduces overall demand.

4.1 million jobs created


Clean energy creates jobs in construction and operations that employ people for 40 consecutive years.

$10,019 savings per person, per year


Clean energy saves money on fuel costs, and reduces health care costs, paying for itself in just 3 years from health care and climate cost savings alone.

Where are the Job Opportunities?

The fastest growing jobs in the U.S. are:

  1.  Solar photovoltaic installers 
  2.  Wind turbine service technicians 


Renewable energy makes our military safer

Protecting our Military


  • At sea, gas-electric hybrid battleships save fuel and allow for fewer stops – making them less vulnerable to attacks like the bombing of the USS Cole in 2000, when al-Qaeda militants killed 17 U.S. soldiers during a refueling stop in Yemen. 
  • In combat zones, green energy saves lives by, for instance, reducing the need for easily attacked convoys to deliver diesel fuel to generators at U.S. bases. Mobile solar-power units allow soldiers to prowl silently through enemy territory. 
  • Renewable energy allows the military to maintain its own independent source of power in case of a natural disaster or an attack - or cyber attack - that disables the public grid. 
  • Marines in Afghanistan began carrying solar panels in 2009 to forward bases in battles with Taliban fighters. They used them to power batteries for communications, GPS and night-vision goggles. The panels not only reduced the need for convoys, they allowed marines to shut off generators, hushing operations and making them harder for enemies to detect. 

Project Drawdown


Project Drawdown is the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming.

Top 10 Solutions by Overall Ranking from Project Drawdown:

  1. Refrigerant Management
  2. Wind Turbines (Onshore)
  3. Reduced Food Waste
  4. Plant-Rich Diet
  5. Tropical Forests (Land Use)
  6. Educating Girls
  7. Family Planning
  8. Solar Farms
  9. Silvopasture
  10. Rooftop Solar

Lowering your own carbon footprint