We all worry about climate change, some of us have already felt the effects of climate change, dealing with extreme heat, flooding, health issues, hurricanes, etc.  There is power in all our stories.   Part of The Florida Climate Pledge campaign is to capture those stories.  We want to know why climate change matters to you, or how you're life has been impacted by climate change.  

Send us a 1-2 minute video and we'll share it on our social media, upload it onto our Youtube Channel and put it on our website under our testimonials.


  • Record on your phone HORIZONTALLY
  • Cannot exceed 2 minutes 
  • Cannot contain inappropriate language
  • Has to relate to climate change- How has climate change impacted you or why climate action is important to you.

Email: info@floridaclimatepledge.org

Title: Testimonial Submission


  • Your Name
  • Best way to contact you: Cell Phone # or E-mail
  • Zip Code (if inside the US)

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By submitting this video you acknowledge and allow the Florida Climate Pledge and it's founding and supporting members to use the video on all their social media platforms and communications.  If at any time you would like us to remove your video just email us.